The HCRF was established with a clear focus on alleviating the consequences of the July protests in South Africa. To have the maximum impact on the lives of those affected by these riots, the HCRF aims to implement a rapid and coordinated response. The goal is to mobilise and coordinate the financial and in-kind contributions from individual donors, governmental and non-governmental organisations, as well as the international community. Disbursements from the HCRF are aimed at combatting the resulting food and medical crisis caused by the protest action. Together, we can rebuild, through our unity and solidarity.

Donation Summary


R672 Million


R597 Million


R461 Million

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Food Relief

Through the collaborative efforts of the HCRF, The Department of Social Development (DSD) and the Provincial House of Traditional Leaders (PHTL), various projects have begun with the aim of providing access to food to those who were affected by the protest action through the delivery of food parcels.

Medical Support

Medical infrastructure (such as collection points for chronic medication) also experienced the negative consequences of the protests, with many people unable to access medical services. The Fund will focus support on this critical area as a part of its overall health support to ensure people are once again able to access these services.

Business Recovery

With the unfortunate and subsequent damage to local businesses, the HCRF has committed itself to helping small and local businesses recover from the devastating consequences of the damage and loss of employment many people experienced after the protest action. Projects aimed at business recovery are currently under review by the HCRF.


Food Relief

KZN DSD Food Parcel Distribution Programme

ALLOCATED    R60 Million
DISBURSED    R25 Million

GP DSD Food Parcel Distribution Programme

ALLOCATED    R40 Million
DISBURSED    R16.8 Million

Rural KZN PHTL Food Relief

ALLOCATED    R20 Million
DISBURSED    R16 Million

Medical Support

Pick-up Points

ALLOCATED    R4.44 Million

Business Recovery

NEF SF partnership for SMME support

ALLOCATED    R150 Million

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